About Electric Golf Buggies

EMG have been producing electric golf buggies for almost 10 years and in this time we have produced 2 of the most reliable and practical golf buggies on the market.

It all started in 2003 building jigs to standardise manufacturing of frames and assembling of golf buggies. Since about 2005 we have been producing electric golf buggies that are known as EMG Electric Golf Buggies.

EMG produce the majority of parts that complement our golf buggies. 2 components are out sourced and the rest are from local suppliers.

These out sourced components are modified to suit our electric golf buggies prior to fitment.

Either with an ST10 or ST30 electric golf buggy, your game will never be the same. Like myself you can only imagine the strain and energy used pushing or pulling a non motorised buggy around a golf course which can be up to ten kilometres.

So through endless customer feed back and our own ongoing testing, we have 2 buggies that will not only finish every game, but will give you that extra edge of energy and competitiveness to help win the round.

EMG Buggies Key Features:

  • Powder Coated Aluminium Construction
  • Easy fold down and easy lifting
  • Separate On/Off and adjustable speed controller
  • Reliable battery and motor combination
  • Easy manoeuvring freewheel (Forward & Backward)
  • Ullrich Aluminium frame powder coated black with a high quality gloss finish. (Easy to clean)
  • Unique fold down action with fold down seat post. ST10’s dimensions will keep the buggy stable on all surfaces, without compromising car boot sizes and storage at home.
  • Ergonomic T-Bar handle with ergornomic soft grips and extra hand umbrella holder makes the ST10 is simple and effortless to manoeuvre.
  • A reliable and convenient on/off switch with separate variable speed controller at your fingertips makes it easy to set the speed that is comfortable for you.
  • ST10 & ST30compact dimensions will keep the buggy stable on all surfaces.
  • 250 watt motor, combined with a 24 amp/h or 28 amp/h battery with one way battery terminals will deliver enough power for more than 18 holes on the steepest terrain with ease.
  • Quality injection moulded wheels with sealed bearings – no frustrating squeaky wheels, no need to replace tyres and no need for regular servicing. It’s easy to understand why EMG offers a 2 Year Warranty on the wheels.
  • A fully automatic battery charger supplied with colour coded one-way battery connectors that will rejuvenate your battery to full power for your next game.

Dimensions ST 10

  • Wheel track – 650mm
  • Wheel base – 470mm
  • Height folded – 300mm
  • Length folded – 800mm
  • Height Short handle – 950mm
  • Height Standard handle – 980mm

ST 10 & ST 30
Electric Golf Buggies

The ST10 and ST30 EMG electric golf buggies share the same DNA.

The ST10 is a single action fold down buggy where the ST30 is the same frame modified to be pulled apart in 3 pieces.

The st10 is the most common design of frame on the market.

ST30 is designed for small boot spaces and for easy lifting as the 3 components have minimal weight.

Features Summary

  • Australian Made
  • Aluminium Construction
  • Tig Welded
  • Total Weight 12.8 kg’s
  • T -Bar Handle
  • 250-watt motor
  • Helical style Gearbox
  • 28 amp/h Sonnenschein Battery
  • Smart Battery Charger
  • One way battery terminals
  • 15mm drive axle
  • retractable seat
  • fold down seatpost
  • Comfy seatbox for storage
  • Adjustable top bag support
  • (suits all bags)
  • Injection EMG moulded wheels

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